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We're hiring tour guides!

Hannah Pooley

17 May 2023

Apply to join the team

We're looking for a small number of local people to join the Plymouth Walking Tours team as freelance tour guides.

Applicants should have:

  • Excellent communication and visitor engagement skills

  • An interest in Plymouth's heritage

  • Positivity about Plymouth

  • The ability to remember information

  • Experience (or relevant skills) to lead school groups

  • An understanding of the importance of Health and Safety

  • Confidence in marketing and generating ticket sales

  • Willingness to participate in social media

  • A positive attitude to collaboration

  • Confidence in working alone with the public

  • Understanding of the importance of accessibility and diversity

Full training will be given and most tours will be based around the Barbican, Hoe and City Centre.

Pay will be per hour, agreed in advance, ranging from living wage (£10.90) for meetings and training to £16 an hour when tour guiding. There is also opportunity to benefit from tips and bonuses. You must be willing to register for self assessment tax returns.

Hours will be flexible, across week days and weekends. This is ideal to supplement another role or job.

Please email us a CV and covering letter, explaining how you fit the criteria above and including an answer to this question:

A tourist couple in their 40s has never been to Plymouth before. They will arive by train at 11am on Saturday and are staying two nights until 3pm on Monday. They have chosen a boutique hotel on the Hoe. They haven't made any plans yet. What would you suggest they do whilst they are here? Feel free to answer however you wish - a paragraph, bullet points, or even a video!

Send your application to Hannah Pooley at by 1pm on Friday 2nd June 2023.

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